AOpen reserves the right to revise this publication and to make reasonable changes. This is indeed a big leap in performance compared to the desktop chipsets which are up to 10 fps slower than this board. When AGP Protection Technology is implemented, this motherboard will automatically detect the voltage of AGP card and prevent your chipsets from being burnt out. Using a rather low cost solution based on the Realtek RTLBL, the one-chip controller is no different from any other brands, be it Broadcom or Intel at least from the functionality standpoint. Well, performance can always be tuned and what matters most is stability.

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It can be difficult to reach some jumpers when the board is already installed. Please follow the procedure as shown below to finish memory installation.

Aopen AX4R Plus Manuals

Front Audio Connector This design is inconvenient for a network server or workstation, without an UPS, that ax4 to keep power-on. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Without any cost you can have your PC turn into a fashionable CD player! In the Granite Bay motherboard segment, AOpen has also offered a similar product for the consumer market.

The blue connector is IDE1 for clear identification. Rimm rambus Inline Memory Module We strongly recommend you to connect the 4-pin 12V ATX connector before connecting the pin ATX power connector and use standard power supply specially designed for Pentium 4 system. Choose the utility and driver and select model name.

Recent Drivers  ASUS F9S CAM DRIVER

You can find the audio driver from the Bonus Pack CD disc auto-run menu. However, we receive numerous emails and phone-calls worldwide everyday, it is very hard for us to serve everyone on time. Ide And Floppy Connector This motherboard implements special circuit to support Wake On Modem, both Qudio modem card and external box modem are supported. When AGP Protection Technology is implemented, this motherboard will automatically detect the voltage of AGP card and prevent your chipsets from being burnt out.

Hence, the rest of this chapter is intended to guide you through the process of configuring your system using setup. Does that mean that Workstation boards are tuned for better graphics and not tuned for performance in applications?

AOpen AX4R Plus Online Manual

The problem is probably caused by power supply or motherboard failure. Choose “Load Setup Defaults” for recommended optimal performance. Table of contents Table Of Contents They were once a very popular brand among users in this region, and they are still very popular in other regions. Please keep this manual carefully for future upgrades or system configuration changes. The powerful utility also displays the version of BIOS and firmware for your convenience of maintenance.


VGA and HDD is key components for overclocking, for your reference, the following list are what have been successful overclocked in our lab.

All above setup are set to operate with an AGP aperture size of MB so that consistent results can be used for comparison purposes. This picture is for example only, it may not be exactly the same as this motherboard. There are 2 connectors for adjustable and 1 for unadjustable connection of fans connected to a fan on the MCH heatsink. CPU cut edge Oapen Apart from all that, you’ll also get AOpen’s unique set of software enhancements that lets you do more fancy stuff with the board.

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Phoenix-award Bios The BIOS provides critical low-level support for standard devices such sx4r hard disk drives, serial and parallel ports. Hardware Installation This chapter describes jumpers, connectors and hardware devices of this motherboard. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Does this turn out to be a cheap alternative with better performance to the RIMM? Part Number And Serial Number Chassis Intrusion Connector