In Device Manager, can you right click on one of the BMT ports, select properties, and verify the version? Companies can choose between three license models: But I will check if I can see something else. Hopefully my good fortune with it will continue. Any commercial use beyond a day evaluation period requires purchase of a commercial use license. Please contact us for pricing and details. This forum is read-only.

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I think that opening a 32 bit software has mixed up some link in the program. Of course, it is possible that deleting ports in Device Manager messes up the system and makes it unstable. If so maybe it’s more updated I’m using the LoopBe30, which was licensed thru another product bundle, so mudi it is not a free version.

Virtual MIDI SDK | Bome Software

So I have deinstall midi port them from bome first. We will compile and link it for you. For my system it’s much more stable.

So far nothing seems to confuse it like with LoopBe1. Private answer Hi Steve — Thanks for writing! I am using loopbe30 with 16 virtual cables under windows 10 with zero issues.


Simple virtual midi connections | Bome Software

Gerry Peters Bmoes Magic Studio http: Hmmm, must be a method required for some of the functionality. Uninstalling and then re-installing the virtual ports should be sufficient: Hope it can help.

Sorry to hear you have issues with it. See here for the correct view in Device Manager for 8 ports: Sonar PlatinumStudio One modi. Informative x 4 Like x 2. I am not related to this softwre – i work only with this because it seems very virtuall and straightforward for me.

Yesterday I upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10 and since that moment BMT keeps telling me on the same presets and configurations that appeared to work perfectly fine on Win 8: Thanks this is exactly what I’m looking for – an alternative to see if it solves the problem.

And then re-run the installer to install only the virtual ports. I am using the paid version Gerry, though I don’t know that this makes a difference. Is this anything to do with the updates? In general, going to Windows Device Manager and removing ports there should not be necessary.

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Please follow the following steps in this order. Companies or Persons who want to bundle LoopBe1 ,idi their own application have to buy a Company License.


So thanks for the excellent idea you suggested, however it seems like I won’t be the one to check it out – Virtula let someone else cut their teeth on Vrtual 10 and wait on the sidelines for now cheering them Thanks! My midi ports would not be view in my daw.

While opening deckadance I dont know if it’s that only but all of my midi driver are bomds midi from my rme, spark and brain livid instrument also. I was wondering how this had appeared on my pc. It should be 2. Is ni using this 3rd party midi app to help improve midi functionality and give us virtual ports on windows pc’s? Thanks for the update, Gerry. After installing latest Maschine and KK updates, subject appears to be installed on my computer.

Something might have run into a conflict in the upgrade. Yes, my password is: