Its been fine going on 6 minths but very weird. Also, OP, I would probably have a heart attack if I found out my baby was being scared by weird television shows–maybe stray him away from TV for a little? Gramnerr Polyse Ophesir March 19, – 4: What little kid is named Doc and acts like a perfect mini adult who always knows what to do and is never scared of anything? As a teacher- Caillou is the worse possible thing ever created- kids have no independence these days…..

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Leabug March 16, – 9: Kim March 15, – I think you need to turn the channel and move on. Ignore the haters, people like that probably created the show.

Maybe the problem is letting children watch television? Have you done any research on the home. After designing my first home at 20 and becoming a general contractor at 23, I’ve since created complete custom home spaces as well as couture gowns, crystal-adorned shoes, and more.

Their lack of manners. There are no lessons about how to fail. As for the folks hating on her because she voiced her opinion of the show or who called her shallow backset a loser…. It’s actually very common for children to dislike loud noises. Could be an embarrassment thing. Trying not to pull a domestic during air time, he just bottles up all his csillou and rage for the family he wishes he never had.

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However, after reading this, I have noticed backseaf few issues that I can agree, are not great examples of learning how to grow up being self sufficient. This means no joke comments. Not since this story has been written, he is very scared of the dark though.

I’m not an expert in this stuff by any means but I took cailkou class on psychology in college and we discussed stuff like this. The author of this article intended this to be tongue-in-cheek.

back seat driver wikipedia

Nope not that one, even a few years later, when another little cousin came along, it was still around, and 8 years later the second one still watches it, and Max and Ruby, and Mike the Knight and a bunch of other shows that I thought would run their course by the time one of them was old enough to baby sit.

It’s weird, I’d guess kids usually don’t get much exposure to gun violence and murder but apparently very little is enough.


A surprise for Ms. Njeri March 15, – That is wrong period.

PAC: Parents Against Caillou

Brandy March 17, – 8: Nikki B March 17, – 5: I’m not sure baxkseat understand the question. I’ll look around for it! Apparently she had seen it once at daycare.

Jill Caaillou 16, – 5: I adore Daniel Tiger and enjoy Doc. I took the book, had a long gentle talk with him, and contacted our media center to consider pulling the books out of rotation. Expect an instant rescue regardless of how minor, avoidable and non-problematic your problem.

But, then again I guess we all need to complain about something sometimes. It’s child-Gohan walking through a sewer. Harassment of users, repeated rule violations, or reposting removed stories can and will result in a ban. Thanks for the entertaining description! The article is spot-on.