Pattie Wagner on June 3, 9: This worked for me: In this guide, we will talk about one of the biggest issues in Windows Bob on October 9, 4: You forgot to mention how to get a mic to work if its a webcam with built-in mic. I spent hours fiddling with bloody drivers and wondering why on earth the same hardware works perfectly on one Win10 and not on mine. If you guys are getting audio endpoint and generic software your clicking your mic you need to find the pcs audio system and use that.

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Thank you Janis, weebcam are very glad we could help you! Kath on July 11, Ankit on May 26, 9: Thank you Dean B for sharing your experience with us, we will make sure to advise people who buy Logitech webcams and microphones! I think this may work. Microphone Privacy Settings were set to not allow applications access to the microphone.


Logitech B525 HD Webcam – AMR

In control panel sound recording I am seeing this…. Miguel Hood on November 16, 2: Download and install them, give your computer a couple of restarts and see if it works.

This is what I found works even after calling Logictech support. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers 5 times now with no effect yes I did reboot each time. Matthew Liong on November 19, 9: Yeah many people found out that too, conectland it finally work?

Thanks first one was it, mic for skype was turned off Reply. Was your issue ever resolved? OMG … this post has really rescued connedtland. I cri, I need help.

Thanku so connecctland, Now i can record my voice with the mic. This was such a simple fix but the controls are so obscured it was hard to find. Did you manage to solve it somehow? The only time my mic is registering sound is when I do a listen test on my mic properties.

Duck’s Drivers: Connectland Webcam Driver Cam Cnl C

Thank you, much appreciate that you took the time to post this. Many thanks for this article!


Kristin Barker on November 22, Windows was blocking the access to my mic, so i allowed access again. Mina on June 10, Hello Delilah, this is either a driver issue cknnectland a power plan one. Sey on March 4, So absolutely tired of windows as a service.


So frustrated with the system, but thank goodness it is not essential to the integrity of my computer and I can certainly live without it! Mina on June 9, 1: Maksymilian Tomaszewski on July 10, 1: I upgraded to windows 10 about a year ago and had no problems till a few weeks ago.

Gaston on June 10, 1: Thank you Mina and curse you windows!