Follow the instructions in the wizard and complete the installation. OpenSSL version is upgraded to 0. Expand All Collapse All. This Product ID patch will serve as a prerequisite to all future smart patches. Samba version is upgraded to 3. Issues that are fixed with this patch: Worn drums manifest themselves with streaks or spots on the printout.

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Follow the installer dialog by entering the appropriate responses for user agreement and installation. Patch installation instructions 1.

If the image is already printing too far over the hinge, do not trim the sheet. Slight image deletions when printing in the gap are normal.

It should contain the patch name “ProdID”.

Toner for Xerox DocuColor 242

The Fiery Express Driver is a universal driver that can be used with any Fiery. Wait until the Fiery comes to Idle and print the configuration page. Navigate through System Preference and install the printer. To move the image towards the hinge, center the image on the page and measure how far the image needs to move till it is properly located on the hinge. Cut twice that amount off the non-hinge side of the page. Make sure that the Fiery controller has reached Idle.


Issues that are fixed with this docucolo Xerox toner cartridge twin pack cyan R, 6R Depending on the limitation of the equipment, some heavier weight materials may not auto-duplex.

Fiery Patch Print Drivers. Job ticket media type displays incorrect information when printing to the Fiery from FreeFlow MakeReady.

Xerox DocuColor 242/252/260

For Xerox DocuColor Toner cartridge yellow for about pages. For Xerox DocuColor Fuser-unit for about pages. Wait until the Fiery controller reaches Idle and print the configuration page.

Fiery patch to address scan template slash is missing between folders. Import the doccolor file FIT This Product ID patch will serve as a prerequisite to all future smart patches.

Xerox DocuColor //

Fiery patch to address security vulnerabilities. User should wait 2 minutes for complete installation of patch. Saulvedis from Ledmanes pag. The driver will provide basic feature support for Fiery printing.

Patch to address Shellshock vulnerability ID: It is recommended that the bypass drawer is used for feeding. This patch is not exclusive, it can be installed along with other patches concurrently, and one server Reboot or Restart is sufficient for all patches to take effect on the system.


If you must install any of the patch es below, do so before installing the H1YIQ. For Xerox DocuColor Toner cartridge black. Imposition template created in CWS5 will not hold rotated pages.

If you are not logged in as the administrator, Mac OSX will require you to enter a root password.

Updated drivers for Mac OS X Patch to address printing of particular files causes Fiery to hang in parsing.