I think I’ll rather leave searcy for the last one only due to minimum of flatdeck experience. Apologies in advance for the long post and Ill try my best to give all the details in order that some of you fountains of knowledge on here may be able to assist me. Still thinking it all through. Free Immigration Evaluation Click Here. I doubt there is much point contacting the company in Quebec, they don’t have a PNP scheme, their immigration system is different to the rest of Canada and you’ll say least need to have fluent French to qualify. Their guy was leaving several posts on more uk truck driving focused forums as they are looking to bring some drivers from the UK via the London event which I missed unfortunately.

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The basic eligibility required to apply as foreign truck driver in Canada

Many job vacancies are not advertised. Apologies in advance for the long post and Ill try my best to give all the details in order that canaxa of you fountains of knowledge on here may be able to assist me.

You must have excellent driving skills. In British Columbia, which has more than vacancies on the job bank, the gold standard for candidates for its entry level and semi-skilled category is a full-time job offer in long-haul trucking. You must have a clean police record during the past 5 hgg excluding speeding offences.


Last edited by jamesmc; Jan 28th emigratd 9: Have 5 years experience recent and continuous on semi-trailer trucks. Another “Moving to Canada to drive trucks” thread Same with the maritimes pilot program, not sure how you haven’t found this in your research tbh. So emails are useless, good info I’ll get on the phone to them instead.

Are there actually any jobs available to truckers there anymore? Again Thanks for your time and apologies for picking your brains so much, its nice to try and get some clear answers.

However, this requirement may change in the next few years. An Opportunity to Work in Canada You are here: Work permit request by the employee. Find More Posts by neilcumming. Jan 7thtoo The province has an established pilot project offering Canadian permanent residence. Are emigeate any drivers on here who have successfully made the transition to Canadian life as a driver and can shed some light on any of the above???

Then you should be able to find something better. What you can read next B. Free Immigration Evaluation Click Here. There is no required investment.

Table from Job Bank Wage Report. Standard programs are typically three to four weeks in length, but programs offering more in-depth training can last from 12 to 14 weeks. How to proceed forward with our assistance Complete the following questionnaire and we will further evaluate your qualifications.

Recent Drivers  SD-PCI9805-1P DRIVER

Truck Drivers / Skilled Immigrant InfoCentre

You can use company directories to produce lists of employers who employ truck drivers in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland. Find More Posts by TheNorms. Can anybody shed some more light on the PNP available across Canada and what I would need to do to use them?

Many positions are filled by people who have been recommended by someone they know. Once recruited, we will guide you through the Canada work permit process, according to the current immigration regulations.

You can still get over here ,you need to be recruited by a company who will give you a Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA its bascially a number which when you arrive you will change it into your TWP.

Another “Moving to Canada to drive trucks” thread….

But, I’m positive its an excellent way as a means to an end as they say. Thanks for the info Neil. Saskatchewan does not specifically highlight truck drivers as an in-demand occupation, but it does single out heavy machinery mechanics and truck and bus mechanics.

Line-haul and local truck drivers perform some or all of the following duties: