You will use a standard set of method calls to write to and read from all message-based instruments. Learn more about our privacy policy. What type of memory can I use? VXI was successful in considerably reducing the size of large rack-and-stack based systems of the 70s. MXI is essentially a backplane bus in a cable. You can also embed a computer into a VXI chassis and control the system directly.

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For example, the backplane or a special module called the star trigger controller that resides in Slot 2 of a PXI chassis can source the 10 MHz clock — the Slot 1 controller does not have to source it. When deciding on an architecture for a future system, or adding functionality to an existing VXI system, PXI offers an industry-standard platform that promises to grow and remain strong in the future.

You should choose tools that have complete debugging capability and that work with the most popular operating systems and programming languages.

Low-Level VXI Word Serial Implementation Example in LabVIEW Using NI-VISA

A Servant is any device in the subtree of a Commander. The string might look something like WFM3. The protocol is called word serial, because if you want to communicate with a Message-Based device, you do so by writing and reading bit words one at a time to and labviww the Data In write Data Low and Data Out read Data Low hardware registers located on the device itself.

With a good labvifw of both architectures, knowledge of their respective applications, and a familiarity of their relative positioning, the answers are clear. You will use a standard set of method calls to write to and read from all message-based instruments. This benchmark is easy for vendors to isolate and measure under ideal conditions.


VXI Triggers – National Instruments

Cooling requirements must be established for all modules and included in product specifications. You also may press Write to write data to the instrument and Read to read labgiew response from the instrument. If you know the resource name of the instrument with which you want to communicate or you want to change the resource during run time, specify the resource name programmatically, as in the following line of code: VXI has proven to be an effective technology to integrate large test systems.

This application note is divided into two tutorial sections. In addition to Register-Based devices, the VXIbus specification also defines Message-Based devices, vxo are required to have communication registers and configuration registers. Open standards also ensure that once your system is built, your investment will continue to pay dividends well into the future. MXI-2 features an improved cabling scheme that uses a single double-shielded cable between all devices, and a single high-density, high-reliability pin connector per device.

VXI Data Acquisition Configuration and Installation – National Instruments

This embedded approach is technically attractive because the computer communicates directly with the VXIbus and is tightly coupled to the instruments. If you want your program to respond to any of the following labvirw, define event procedures for the appropriate event: Which platform is best for my application?

End If If you are concerned about events that occur at certain points in your program, you can lagview the queue or disable event queuing. In many cases they go unused.


You will also have to consult your PC’s documentation to verify that bus mastering is supported. From this property page, you can write and vx message-based commands. A device can be oabview a Commander and a Servant in a multiple-level hierarchy. The Integration Challenge Recognizing the shortcomings of the rack-and-stack approach to building tightly integrated test systems, VXI defined a standard interface for modular instrumentation.

Termination networks, configured with onboard jumpers, are located at the first lavbiew last MXI devices to minimize reflections at the ends of cables. Airflow direction is xvi bottom P3 to top P1. It is often frustrating to parse these strings into a usable data format. You can specify as many parsing tasks as you need, so that you can parse each type of interaction with an instrument differently.

How do I use the memory in my programs? The PXI advantage is that it has the smallest footprint of any open architecture platform. There is an additional protocol that can be useful, although it is not presently defined in the Rev. MXIbus meets each of these needs. The method returns the actual local address to which the specified base VXI address was mapped.