So, the noise reaches Customer Feedback Last Week Below are some customer feedback in the past 1 or 2 weeks. Even when applying only some force at the outside, the whole lid deflects, so, the sensible LCD is not well protected. As expected the quality diminishes faster horizontally, but, it stays just alright. Abundant Entertainment – Built-in 1.

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The provided mousethe headsetand the knapsack will surely attract attention at the next LAN party, whereas the knapsack makes it easier to get there. With smaller than average Shift, Enter and full-stop keys, it’s easy to make mistakes when typing at speed.

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A big logo on its lid, bright red flames everywhere you look, and a deep black case are the trademarks of the Extreme model we reviewed. So, there is, in contrary to other manufacturers, no need to spend a high amount on money on it. GX Extreme Edition Only.

The processor is part of the current Santa Rosa mobile technology and is connected to the chip-set via a MHz bus. With the rich, full sound quality of the 4 high-stereo speakers and subwoofer. Because there is too less space for keys of full size side by side, some hot keysthe umlauts of the German keyboard layoutand the cursor keys are smaller than usual. Up to four hours are possible, under full load still nearly one and a half hours. We recommend you to check with your local supplier for exact offers.


It will forever change the stereotyped perceptions of notebook. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

The design for gaming has not seen through to completion. Against Disappointing performance Squashed keyboard. So, the noise reaches The capacity of the built-in hard blueetooth by Western Digital is more than sufficient for msj lot of games and multimedia files.

The fine WUXGA-Display is 17 inch big, non-reflecting, and able to brilliantly interpolate other resolutions for games. The sub-woofer is not able to compensate the weaknesses regarding middle and high tones of the four stereo speakers.

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So, GX can provide the freedom and flexibility to enjoy the game on the go. The knapsack is sufficiently big for everything needed at the nearest LAN party.

Using this keypad is intuitive and requires no extra learning process on the part of the user. If you have the proper media, tx700 be able to see new top quality pictures.

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For a more fluid, more detailed, more realistic 3D high-definition while playing the game. The result of the 3DMark06 benchmark run at a resolution of x pixels was points. The manufacturer also provides a precise laser mouse Although the keyboard clearly bluetootth in its centre and partly clatters, the key feedback is rather definite. While it is simplistic, it demands your attention, hence the uniqueness and class of the Bluetooth Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.


A powerful 80 Wh battery makes a runtime of up to four hours possible. Framed by bright red flames there is a big logo on the deep black lid.

The “Performance” model, which looks that striking, is available for about Euro and more. The edged front part is not very user-friendly.

So, it is likely that there are more and more movies in this format available in the future. The bright flame-like design is also extends to the touch pad area.

Wireless for Easy Internet Access. The results in the 3D benchmarks are compared to competitor notebooks surprisingly good though. The mouse pointer can be precisely controlled by the 7.