Four texture formats of 15 and 16 bit RGB A are supported, true color textures were for some reason disabled. And the advantages like extremely high sub-pixel accuracy and higher precision float formats were fading away. Archived from the original on December 18, The Permedia 3 and GLINT R3 also introduced support for hardware dot product bump mapping, but this feature would not be extensively used in games until a year or so after its release. Permedia 2 3Dlabs can be proud to be among first gaming texture mapping 3d accelerator to the PC.

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3dlabw is missing a number of important features. Users browsing this forum: Reviews were keen on Permedia 2 for being almost first professional product that can play games as well, even if not so fast. This page was last edited on 25 Septemberat My system specs are: Archived from the original on December 6, Older driver is fine when draw overlap is disabled.

Memory controller looks the same, but permeda in local memory now do not have to be allocated continously. Archived from the original on February 22, Views Read View source View history. Last generic Permedia 2 driver version from April is used.

I did however, ran one at my old workplace in a CAD machine during 98”. And “professional” type cards have never been very good for gaming. Permedia 2 not only offers various masks like scissor, chroma and color component tests, but whole pipeline can be skipped and host can use direct access to local buffer for custom permsdia. Older games suits it well and impact from optional true color rendering is rather small. 3dlxbs rest of the company reformed under ZiiLABS, still as a subsidy of Creative, and reoriented their business solely to silicon for mobile devices.


Texture address unit also properly handles perspective correction, however there is an option for less accurate division to avoid speed impact. But it should also be remembered that Permedia 2 was for it’s time quite CPU hungry, perhaps a price for more flexible pipeline that needed more control from the host.

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It was the entry level pro graphics chip and that’s why it was onboard Diamond’s FireGL Pro workstation card. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. The alliance continued, Permedia 2 integrates TI’s MHz DAC technology with x32 bit texture lookup table supporting four and eight bit paletted textures. How did it compare to others of it’s time?

Even professional FireGL card doesn’t look dangerous. Newly implemented optimization can skip frame buffer reads of pixels covered by texel with alpha value of one.

Direct3D gaming is a mostly a pleasant experience, but still far from perfect. Quake 2 or nothing.


Google [Bot]Qwantify [Bot]Xeen and 15 guests. Here are test results: On the upside, the main advantage at the time was that 3DLabs was the only company producing consumer-level graphics chips that had full OpenGL ICD driver support other manufacturers didn’t support OpenGL at all or released a miniport driver instead.

Graphics hardware companies Fabless semiconductor companies Intel acquisitions Intel graphics. Next chip Permedia started only with OpenGL and other drivers for professional applications.

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A Voodoo1 is surely faster and definitely works better with games. However, with these additional rendering features enabled, performance in supported games is less than desirable unless one has a VLB Pentium system and reviewers knocked the card.

When second generation Permedia arrived to the market in the fall of with support for both Direct3D and OpenGL, gamers were watching. The card Nothing much to get excited about, Permedia 2 boards look simple, cost efficient. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Otherwise 3d image quality of Permedia 2 can be quite nice.