Once registered, select the Online Update tab to perform the software update. Proceed with SLES 10 installation as usual, first taking note of the following issues specific to your server:. Please click here to download the kISO. Register with the Novell Customer Center. The OS must be installed on one of these two device nodes:. The neopxe server is designed for use with a DHCP server that is running on the same system. Caution – Network security vulnerability.

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If you have other devices to install, do so now. If portmap is not listed, install the package using YaST. Select “Back” and press Enter.

Installing a simple-swap hard disk drive

Select Keyboard and Mouse in the Devices menu. Note – PXE is a powerful and convenient solution for setting up a number of Sun Fire X servers so their configuration is identical. This tab must be selected. BLs Gen9 Superdome X.


HPE Servers Support & Certification Matrices

Proceed with SLES 10 installation by following the prompts. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. Slot 2 indicates hard disk drive 1. If you are installing the OS on a Compact Flash card, set the boot priority to make your CF card the primary boot device. Perform an Online Software Update to update the operating system files. After successfully running the command, launch YaST again.

To Disable the Firewall.

Still waiting for a suse 12 guest to install so I can reproduce Join Date Dec Posts 6. Is anyone successfully using an Nvidia motherboard with open Suse Refer to Chapter 2 for more information. Comment on this change optional.

Windows SP2 32bit legacy. Windows SP2 64bit legacy. It occurs in precise and quantal, but only on AMD. Download the latest software.

Note – In order for the online update service to function correctly through a network HTTP proxy, the following additional step must be performed. Support with disk partitions less than 2 TB.


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES 10) – Installation and Administration – Installation Summary

This appears to be an AMD specific bug. Complete the following steps on your DHCP server.

A valid configuration file must have entries for each of the following lines, including at least one service line. Z37A juanzele on Upgraded to precise on 1 days ago. The installation then proceeds normally. XLd Gen9 Apollo This problem started in Ubuntu Server Sorry, i thought you had been talking about the hd These procedures assume that you already have a bootable server that is running a version of the SLES 10 operating system.

The neopxe server is designed for use with a DHCP server that is running on the same system. Could you post the xml file for the guest?