With Pocket MSN, you get: Keeping A To Do List 4. Use the AC adapter as the power source and as a battery-recharger. Network Connection Problems Modem connection is unreliable Make sure that the modem is installed properly. Marking labels located on the exterior of your device indicate the regulations that your model complies with. Frustratingly, however, it comes with a 2. Backlight To adjust the brightness level of the display and to set the automatic turnoff for power saving purposes.

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You can enter a start date and due date or enter other information by first tapping the field. Before performing the currency conversion, you can edit the exchange rate to the most up-to-date one. Tap to select a prewritten message.


However typing “Oval” or the name of a London football club corrected this omission. Kio example, e-mail addresses stored in Contacts can be used to address e-mail messages in Messaging.

This helps saving battery power. Audio levels can be adjusted with an option to include dynamic volume to cope with increased noise when travelling at higher speeds.

Both computers are updated with changes made to either list each time you synchronize. Then, st the p rogram by tapping on the tab. Tracking Friends and Colleagues Contacts maintains a list of your friends and colleagues so that you can easily find the information you are looking for, whether you are at home or on the road.


Before synchronizing, in Internet Explorer on your desktop computer, click Synchronize on the Mlo menu. Tap to choose from predefined text. As an added precaution, bring along a backup copy. Published Feb 13, Author mfereday. Basic Skills Basic Skills This chapter familiarizes you with the basic operations of your Pocket PC such as using the stylus, navigation stick, Today screen, menus, and programs.

A storage card is also called a memory card.

Mio P GPS receiver

Page 77 so you should not have to change these settings unless your network administrator instructs you to do so. Make sure that the telephone line is connected correctly.

Page 57 Select the service and folder you want to display. You can mark the messages that you want to retrieve in full during your next synchronization or email server connection. If Mio Map is pre-installed in your device, you have the option of keeping the software. Tap to begin synchronization.

For specific instructions on using Transcriber, open Transcriber and l350 tap the question mark in the lower-right corner of the screen. As a prime target for break-in merchants, it does help if your Sat Nav device can be placed in your pocket when away from the car.


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You can create new workbooks on your Pocket PC or you can copy workbooks from your desktop mik to your Pocket PC. In tests, the P seemed reluctant to pick up a signal. For more information, tap Help. When you have finished entering the information mmio tapthe document is automatically saved and named according to the first characters of text entered in the document. By synchronizing email messages with Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Outlook on your desktop computer.

Mio P350 User Manual

Adding Or Removing Programs 3. Tap the favorite you want to view.

Navigation Gestures Customizable gesture control for any Android device. I was also impressed with the signal strength and quick pick-up of satellites by this Mio device. You need to install ActiveSy on your desktop computer. Screen freezes Reset your Pocket PC as described in section 7.

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