Two ADAT ports allow you to expand your system with eight more inputs and outputs which you could link to say a Berhringer ADA and there are 6 line outputs to connect up to three sets of stereo monitors, or even a 5. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Originally Posted by ReaMike 1 mV to over 10 volts How much gain does this thing have on tap? Under low latency, the interface performs extremely well, which makes tracking with it painless. If you’re recording to around dB which you should be and a good preamp, then you don’t need a cloud lifter generally.

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The guitar loses a little bit of “3D” life. Up to three devices can be connected to one FireWire interface and operated in parallel.

The core is packaged into FPGA, which allows to improve its performance and fix bugs by updating its firmware.

That’s easy enough, if you know how to solder. Adding gain does not add much noise at all, so you can rest assured that you will get a clean recording. Up to 3 units operational. Furthermore, the input impedance can be switched from Line 10 kOhm to Instrument rmr.

RME Audio Fireface 400 Digital Recording Interface

Even if it is pci. Overall a solid card for its time.

Recent Drivers  GRANDTEC GHV - 2000 DRIVER

Although the Firewire interface looks very attractive and provides high bandwidth, it poses some problems in the audio tasks.

The converters are on the other hand terrific and that is in my opinion the most important thing and the reason I bought the unit in the first place. The manufacturer explains that there are fundamental differences in the RME architecture and Firewire products from other manufacturers.

Apparently the Firevace uses this pre-amp http: To be honest, it would be kind of awful if an unit like this was actually difficult to use in a day to day work, other than when going deep into the matrix routing land. Originally Posted by ReaMike 1 mV to over 10 volts It sounds like they’re very different from your description – the has very noticable hiss when the gain is run high. They will be my go-to for audio interfacing solutions in the future, and with each new product things just keep getting better and firevace.

FireWire & USB

I tend to forget that too. Since its appearance, this advantage of Firewire have misled many people and caused the death of firwface great many devices.

Some users think the preamps can be a little bit sterile sounding, but personally I don’t find this bothersome because I know that what I am putting in will come out exactly the same. Subscribe to our Newsletter.

RME Audio Fireface Digital Recording Interface | eBay

Advanced Remote Out of production! The Fireface is not just the little brother of the Fireface – it is a completely newly designed device. An additional analog input amplification of up to 18 dB in steps of 0.


Now the revolution continues: There is a digitally controlled IPGA amplifier at the input. These values are computed not by the driver, but by the built-in hardware DSP. Originally Posted by cyrano. These architectural limitations put the CPU downmix in sequencers to the first place in computing precision.

Over the past few years I’ve moved to doing most of my home studio work more and more ‘in the box’.

Of course the Fireface offers a second FireWire port for hub functionality. And this one does it just as good as the others, without color. Filters at switch-selectable capacitors provide resistance to jitter of the master clock.

If you have monitors with EQ on them you can take off half a dB or so to counteract this.

And interesting point about the DAC. Digiface Out of production! If not, not a huge deal.